Re-opening Throne of Grace

Following local guidelines, we are planning to hold in-person worship services beginning May 24.

We will, however, be taking significant precautions and asking for some sacrifices from those that attend. Doubtless not everyone will agree with some of these decisions. Please know at least that all of these precautions are motivated by the same desires as always: our love for our people and our community, and the glory of God. At both local and federal levels, experts and leaders are unveiling a “phased” approach to reopening the country, and our resumption will similarly be phased, as well. The following guidelines, therefore, reflect the initial phase of our re-opening. As soon as we have assurances that the easing of some of these restrictions is safe and prudent, we will adjust accordingly.

Therefore, while we will resume an in-person gathering starting May 24, things are not quite “back to normal.” We will continue to stream our services for those unable to attend, for one reason or another, and we are taking several steps to ensure a healthy and safe environment. If you are considering coming back to church to worship with us, please read all these safety steps carefully.



  • The following people should NOT attend the services and stay at home, for the protection and wellbeing of others.

    • Anyone experiencing a fever or flu-like symptoms in the last several days

    • Anyone who has had contact with a known COVID patient within the last 14 days

  • Also, due to the challenge of following social distancing guidelines around young children, we ask children under age 10 to remain at home during this phase with a parent.

  • Further, we encourage persons in the “Vulnerable Populations” category (as described by the White House Coronavirus Task Force) to continue viewing our services online at home, rather than attending in person.

    • These persons include anyone over the age of 65, or with serious underlying health conditions, including high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, and those whose immune system is compromised such as by chemotherapy for cancer and other conditions requiring such therapy.​

  • Lastly, anyone who does not feel comfortable gathering in person for any reason should feel complete freedom to remain home – no one should feel pressure to attend if they feel anxious or uncomfortable to do so.


Worship Service:

  • Certain elements of our normal worship service will remain temporarily suspended.

    • We will not be serving coffee, tea, or snacks.

    • We will not be passing an offering plate. We will make a box available at the rear of the sanctuary to deposit offering checks and envelopes. Online giving also will remain available.

    • We will not be serving the elements of the Lord’s Supper during this phase. We will resume our celebration of the Lord’s Supper once it is safe to do so.

    • We will remove all common use objects, including offering envelopes, visitor cards, pew Bibles, pens, etc. If you have been in the habit of using a pew Bible to follow along, please consider bringing a Bible from home or using a phone or tablet.

    • We will not distribute worship guides or lyrics packets. Digital worship guides will be available for download.

  • We will temporarily modify our time of congregational singing.

    • Some research has indicated that singing carries a greater risk of infection due to more aerosolized particles being expelled at a greater distance, which can hang in the air for up to a few hours.

    • It is unknown at this point how much danger is posed, but out of an abundance of caution we will begin with an alternative to congregational singing in this initial phase.

    • We will play pre-recorded music in place of live singing, with projected lyrics, and encourage those in attendance to softly sing to themselves, hum along, or simply meditate on the lyrics.


  • We must ask all who attend to observe certain practices to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

    • Please refrain from handshakes, hugs, and other forms of physical contact.

    • Please follow social distancing guidelines both before and after the service. Keep a distance of 6 feet from others.

    • Please wear a facemask while in the church building. These masks help reduce the flow of air that could spread the virus. We have a limited number of masks available if you are unable to bring your own.

    • We have spaced out the pews to reflect adequate social distancing guidelines. Ushers will guide you to a seat to ensure maximum capacity in the building. Once seated, please remain at your seat and limit your socializing while in the building to those around you.

    • Hand sanitizer is difficult to find, as you all know. Please consider bringing your own hand sanitizer from home (if you have any) to use when accessing any public places. We will do our best to provide sanitizer, but if you are able to help by supplying your own, we appreciate it.

    • Take extra precautions when using the restrooms. We will supply extra paper towels inside and outside of the restrooms. Please use a paper towel to open and close the door, turn on and off the faucets, or to flush the toilet. Please be sure to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

    • As much as possible, avoid touching surfaces in the sanctuary area. All surfaces will be sanitized, but the fewer contact points, the better.

    • At the end of the service, attendees will be dismissed from the pulpit. Please refrain from socializing inside, and exit the sanctuary when dismissed. Outside, feel free to socialize, following social distancing guidelines.


Other ministries:

  • Outside of the Sunday service, many other meetings (Bible studies and Community Groups) will remain online during this phase. Some of these groups may resume in person during this phase – all decisions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the church leadership.

  • The children’s ministry will remain closed during this phase. Parents of young children will continue to receive curriculum and materials to do these lessons at home.


Lastly, we will be taking extra precautions to clean and disinfect the building before and after every service, to ensure a safe and welcoming environment. Thank you for helping us by following these guidelines. We look forward to a day soon when these restrictions are able to be loosened and we can enjoy a full worship experience together with you!


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